Welcome to the School for Shifters! If you're here, then you're probably wanting to learn how to shift. Well then you've come to the right place! We have a forum for anyone to join so that they may get help in shifting, or may teach others with their own knowledge. The site is mainly focused on Therians, but don't think you'll be excluded if you're Otherkin or even just want to learn a bit more about the community.


1. Please keep everything civil. We don't want unrestrained arguments. Debate is fine, but arguments are not. We're all friendly to each other here.

2. No roleplaying. Roleplaying is a fun thing to do, but engaging in it here only makes us look bad, and it associates Therianthropy with roleplaying, which it isn't. Therefore it will not be allowed here.

3. Respect the staff members. Easy enough, they have the final word on the forums, and if you have any problems, don't hesitate to come to them for help.

4. Keep foul language to a minimum. There is nothing inherently wrong with cursing, but there are better places for words like that, and a more tame substitute is preferred here. Do avoid using the f-word entirely, though other more mild swears are permissible, just use them in moderation.

5. Treat your fellow members with respect. They're here to learn or teach, just like you.

6. No unusually long signatures.

Anyone who does not follow these rules will be subject to a warning or ban.